Dublin Toyota

“It's no longer an advertising agency... It's a relationship.”

Dave Rocha, Service Director

Various Dealer Partners

“Nothing makes us happier than to hear such great feedback from our happy clients. This is why we do what we do. We love to hear about the impact our efforts make in fixed operations departments across the country.”

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Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota

“TVI marketing is, in my opinion, the best in the business. If you are looking for the simplest way to put more customers in your service drive, they are your answer. They back this with a money-back guarantee. Skeeter Hyde will absolutely manage the entire process for you, and actually show up in your store monthly to review your success. Quite honestly, in my 33 years in the industry, TVI continues to bring results that cannot be denied. Thanks, Skeeter and TVI, for the wonderful service. ”

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Capital Ford of Charlotte

“Over the last 3 years, we have set service sales records literally every single month. Many things have contributed to that, but a very consistent effort from [Skeeter Hyde] and [TVI MarketPro3] to touch our customers with messages, specials, and reminders have been key to the great traffic. Your focus on the customers not seen in a good while has been a timely way to remind them that we are continually ready to serve them. You have worked well to get the best bang for my budget. My over 50 years of automobile experience has made me enjoy my involvement with your company and the way you do business. Thank you, and let’s keep growing together. ”

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Eastside Subaru

“We partnered with TVI MarketPro3 in 2016 to help grow our CP RO count. The CP RO count grew 18% in the first full year working with TVI, and they have been our marketing partner ever since. In addition to having effective marketing strategies, they also have excellent representation. We see our TVI Rep, Ken Pletcher, monthly. He always brings new ideas to our meetings, as well as excellent reporting. I feel like he has our best interest at heart, and we look forward to continuing our partnership. ”

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Toyota of Fort Worth

“We have been using Elizabeth, [our TVI MarketPro3 rep] at our store for over five years and have been completely happy with her attention to detail and prompt service. I would not even think about using another person or company for my marketing plans. She is always available when I have a new idea, and always helps me put the best offers out to my customers. In the last five years she has helped us keep our existing customers and grow new customers at the same time. ”

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Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County

“The MarketPro3 system is a professional-grade marketing system. We have been in a partnership with MarketPro3 for over 7 years. It continues to grow our repair order counts and gross profits. We just started allowing them to assist us with our Toyota Retention (TLE), and they have helped us move that needle in a positive direction each month. I would highly recommend TVI MarketPro3 to anyone needing traffic on the service drive. ”

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All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

“We signed up with Scott and [TVI Marketpro3] back in 2016, and what is amazing is how they can continue to drive true conquest customers into our service drive each and every month, which allows us to bring the customers back in for a subsequent visit and helps us continue to grow our database. This program never gets stale, and the customer support is fantastic. ”

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Molle Automotive Group

“We have been using MarketPro3 for over 6 years and have had great proven results. The program has really helped increase our business, from RO growth to Customer Pay / Warranty Gross Profit. We have tried a lot of other programs that didn’t seem to attract customers, let alone provide us with the data we needed to back it up. The program has been such a success at our Toyota store, that we just launched it at our Audi and VW dealerships this year as well! ”

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Toyota and Honda of Seattle

“ We began using TVI MarketPro3 in 2020. In this time, we have seen a steady increase in our customer pay RO count and a significant increase in our overall service business. For our Toyota store, we attribute our TLE (Toyota Loyalty Engagement) success to TVI, having jumped to #4 in the Portland Region, up from # 17 when we started with them. At our Honda store, we were able to raise our DSE (Dealer Service Effectiveness) from -22% to -15%. TVI has been one of our most successful “vendor” partnerships, having built a great relationship with Nick and his team over the past 3 years. ”

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Mike Shaw Subaru

“TVI MarketPro3 is a valuable asset to our Service Department. Their programs have assisted us in gaining incremental business. Nick Shaffer is an incredible representative of TVI who has our best interests in mind. With Nick and TVI on our side, I feel like I have a second Service Director helping us accomplish our fixed goals! ”

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Chula Vista Toyota

“Saying that I have been “working” with TVI MarketPro3 for many years now would not be accurate. The accurate thing to say is that we have had a partnership for many years. The data is spot on. TVI’s engagement with the staff is very much appreciated as well. We look forward to a continued engagement. ”

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Ourisman Ford of Manassas

“As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We can dial down into the data. We know when people came back. We know how much they spent, and the retention value is on that second visit or third visit, and the reporting breaks it down very well. ”

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Volkswagen of Kirkland

“ [TVI MarketPro3] definitely has increased our business, has increased the car count that we’re getting on a monthly basis, definitely increased our profit, so it’s helping out on all points… ”

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South Tacoma Honda

“ We have had more new customers in the past two to three years than ever, and I think it’s obviously all credibility to TVI… We’ll obviously continue to use them, and I’m honestly excited to see where we’ll be at in another twelve months. ”

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Volkswagen of Streetsboro

“ [TVI MarketPro3 is] bringing in people we probably would not have marketed to previously… it looks at segments that maybe we wouldn’t know how to market to properly, and it gives us that opportunity, especially when we see it’s that first-time customer. ”

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Classic Buick GMC

“ One thing I really appreciate about TVI is the measurement... It’s extremely measurable, and any time you can take your investment and see that you’re getting a good return on your investment, what else can you say? ”

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Sunnyside Chevrolet

“It’s increased my service department’s gross anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five thousand dollars a month since we’ve been with them, and it’s just made a big difference. I wouldn’t get off that program for any reason. ”

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Metro Toyota

“ I have new customers coming in that have never been here before. [TVI MarketPro3 is] doing a great job with keeping the customers that I have engaged... For future, I’m just gonna keep doing what I do: engage with the customer and use TVI. ”

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Great Lakes Honda West

“[We’re] really happy with everything we’ve received from TVI. Just the return I get from the customers that are coming back… And then just the support I get from TVI in general, where I have someone I can reach out to. I have one single point of contact. ”

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Ganley Chevrolet

“[TVI MarketPro3 is] the reason that we’re probably as busy as we are, bringing in these new customers and tracking down my lost ones... TVI is chasing these people and getting them back in to give us another chance. ”

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Front Royal Ford

“I think it’s been a great program. It’s worth every penny… Over half of the growth that we’ve gotten in the last year and a half has probably been from new customers and customers that hadn’t been back.”

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Checkered Flag Toyota

“[TVI MarketPro3’s] metrics that we look at on a month-to-month basis prove that they are, in fact, coming back… And we wouldn’t be able to do this without the TVI program.”

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Haley Chevrolet

“You guys have helped us reach out in the community and pull people in here that have never been, and it’s nice to have new customers.”

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Koons Ford

“ We know that it works, and we know that we don’t have to spend a lot of time managing it. ”

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Ganley Chevrolet

“My retention is starting to climb which is because [TVI MarketPro3] is reaching out and getting those people back in here.”

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Ron Tonkin Acura

“ The experience with [TVI MarketPro3] has been one of the best vendor experiences I have had in a long time. ”

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Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan

“ It is helping our dealer rely less on our sales department as the service department is really picking up the slack. I have to attribute the majority of that to our strategy with TVI. ”

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Sellers Subaru

“We really did kind of doubt what was being said on the way in. Could they really deliver on what they talked about? And again [TVI] more than delivered… way over our expectations!”

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John L Sullivan Chevrolet

“TVI has helped me get my arms around my marketing plan.”

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Roseville Toyota

“The proof is in the reporting. The reporting shows everything, and you guys put your money where your mouth is. You guarantee a result. We see that result. And it's been absolutely fantastic! ”

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Kearney Mesa Chevrolet

“We always have that vision as to where we need to get, and we have a plan as to what we're gonna do to get it there.”

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Eastside Subaru

“My gross profit actually doubled from the previous manager to the year I did, and a great piece of that was because of TVI.”

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Sellers Subaru, Buick, GMC

“There's a lot of high miles vehicles that we're now capturing that we didn’t capture before.”

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Sunnyside Chevrolet

“I think the benefit long term is the inactive, the lost, and the customers who've never been in to our facility.”

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Dublin VW

“I feel like we've gotten a lot of business like customers we haven't seen in years, or new clients that maybe have moved to the area that aren't really familiar with us.”

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Dublin Hyundai

“MarketPro3 produces. We are the #1 Hyundai Dealership in Oakland and the East Bay, I can give a lot of the credit to the guys at MarketPro3. I suggest trying it for your dealership, you won’t be disappointed. ”

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Don Brown Chevrolet

“We’ve been quite surprised at how well TVI MarketPro3 is working. We had used a lot of other programs that didn’t seem to attract customers. With MarketPro3’s weekly reporting we can see what customers are coming in. It gives us the RO number, VIN number and how much the customer spent. Nice program and not an outrageous price. ”

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Mike Shaw Subaru

“TVI maximizes our ability to reach those people in and out of our area of responsibility.”

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Santa Margarita Auto Group

“Since we’ve signed up with TVI we’ve seen an average of 84 cars per day (vs 64 previously).”

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Ron Tonkin Honda

“The RO Count, getting customers in and across the drive, has seemed to help.”

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Tracy Mazda

“Your reporting is outstanding, well above any other company I’ve ever dealt with.”

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Metro Toyota

“I’ve got more customers than we’ve had in the past, and the big thing is they are new customers.”

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Classic Buick GMC Painesville

“ I see more and more new customers! The reporting that they have is excellent! ”

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