Automotive Marketing Channels

Multiple channels to
reach your target audience

Our data team processes dynamic campaigns to keep our messaging consistent across multiple channels and mediums. TVI MarketPro3 attracts inactive, lost or new customers, improves retention metrics, and targets open recalls in your market.




Direct Mail

Campaign Websites



Paid Search





Database Management

Targeting the Right Customer at the Right Time with the Right Message

Active Customer

Within one year of last RO


Inactive Customer

Over one year since last RO


Lost Customer

Two or more years since last RO


New Vin Customer

No previous visit


With an ever-changing customer base your database can become out of date and unreliable. This is where the TVI MarketPro3 magic happens. We maintain year round accuracy with daily record scrubs across independent consumer data, DMS data, and National Change of Address databases. This ensures every marketing dime spent with TVI MarketPro3 is directed to accurate email and home addresses.

Intelligent Direct Mail

Target your highest potential customers

MarketPro3 keeps direct mail pricing competitively lower than other direct mail services. Our proprietary database system identifies customers at every stage of vehicle ownership and maintenance interval.

The Perfect Pitch

Present your target audience with custom offers specific to their vehicle three times a year.

Personalized Campaign Websites

Always Enticing

We keep consistent offers in front of your target customer.

Dealer Spotlight

Highlight your dealership amenities, so customers see what sets you apart.

Personal Email Campaigns

Custom Campaigns

We create and connect you with a customized direct mail and corresponding website campaign.

Convenient Connection

Customers have a quick and easy way to reach you and see your location with a glance.

Email Campaigns

2x per month efficient and consistent offers

Mobile responsive email campaigns reinforce the core message and bridge multi-platform access for your customers.

Contact potential customers today

What makes us different?

We curate keywords by sifting through customer comments and keyword tools. TVI uses a variety of keyword planning tools to determine the optimal set of terms for your campaign. We also pull custom repair order comments from your DMS and scrub the feedback for keywords.

Our reporting reveals revenue generated from digital efforts, website before/after trending, matched RO data with customers PII information, digital performance trending, and keyword data.

Ad Variety:
Paid search ads are not auto-generated but custom-written to ensure they represent your brand and sync with your other marketing efforts.

Facebook Marketing

Target the right audience

Just like all our other marketing channels, we are no different with finding the exact right customer to reach on Facebook.

Live chat

Placing an ad is not a “fix it and forget it” task. Close monitoring of these ads is an important part of keeping customers engaged.

Lead generation

We attract new leads using Facebook and work to convert them into your paying customers.

Same message. Different medium.

It’s important to reach your customers where they are, and with social media it’s even more important to engage. TVI provides real time social interaction with Facebook ads, so we don’t leave a potential customer hanging in the social media winds. When a potential customer interacts with your ad, we’re there to respond.

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Video Marketing

A customized visual message for your customers

Every customer is unique in how they receive a message. Video covers nearly all styles of communication and can be a great visual to influence customer response.

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